UD Art Complex

Project description

A number of years ago, a donor made a significant donation to the school for the additions and renovations to the Art School. The school worked with an architect and cost consultant for several years making no progress. The proposed design was more than $2,000,000 over the Owner’s available funds. A number of years went by before a new architect was hired and Andres was engaged to make the project happen.

Working closely with the Owner and design team, this project was completed under the budget and in time meeting all the Owner’s program requirements for the school’s art students allowing the student body to be increased. This project was constructed in three phases, due to the time constraints of the school year and each phase was completed on time and in budget.

About UD Haggerty Art Village

The Haggerty Art Village offers students and visitors an opportunity to view the works of many contemporary artists, both national and international.

Project Details

Client:  University of Dallas

Date: October 2001

Project Photos