Project Description

Constructed in 1964 in Downtown Dallas, the building for many years was known as the LTV Tower headquarters to Ling-Temco-Vought company. At the time the building façade created the world’s largest electronic signboard. 25 floors of the 32 story tower were individually contorted to create configured shapes, letters and messages. Vacant for many years, the building transgressed from a marvel of construction to a withering ghost of the past. Fast forward to 2015, when ANDRES transformed the vacant building into a brand new structure. It contains a Hilton Garden Inn with 171 rooms, and an apartment complex with 186 units. It kept its original LTV Tower name, although many now call it “Love the View” Tower.

About LTV

Making the old new again, an older high-rise building was restored to an elegant and modern residential structure in the heart of downtown Dallas.

Project Details

Client:  HRI Properties

Date: September 2015

Project Photos