Project Description

The Lorenzo Hotel is a 158,000 square foot remodel of the former Ramada Plaza Hotel at 1011 S. Akard St. in the Cedars district just south of downtown Dallas. The hotel features 237 guest rooms including three oversize themed suites, in addition to two full size kitchens, banquet and meeting rooms, a fitness center, a 1st floor bar & restaurant, and a modernized pool & amenity deck with views of downtown. The structure was originally built in 1971 using structural CMU walls and walk out balconies in each room. The new hotel guests will benefit from a 50 to 100 square feet increase in the size of each room made possible by the new glazing system that was installed at the outside edge of the former balconies.

About Lorenzo Hotel

The former Ramada Plaza Hotel was transformed into what has been referred to as “Andy Warhol meets Alice in Wonderland.”

Project Details

Client:  Hamilton Properties

Date: January 2017

Project Photos