Value Engineering

  • Gables Republic
    "ANDRES just made the whole process effortless. You can count on ANDRES to achieve the best value for the project." — Sean Harris, Gables Residential
  • DP&L
    "We have never been so happy to pay a general contractor an early completion bonus"— Ted Hamilton, Hamilton Properties
  • First United Methodist Richardson
    "ANDRES brought the project in on schedule and accommodated every request for addition or change." — Dr. Clayton Oliphant, Pastor, 1st Utd. Meth, Richardson
  • Akiba
    "ANDRES went above and beyond the normal scope of a General Contractor."— Steven Rosenberg, Building Committee Chmn, Schultz Rosenberg Campus
ANDRES Engineer

Built In Quality

  “The first time you price a project it is always over your expected budget,” acknowledged Spencer Stuart, Jr. senior managing director of Legacy Partners, which has selected ANDRES for three projects in three years.

  “You always have to work hard to get it close to your original pro forma.”

  So on each project, ANDRES construction professionals constantly help the owner and architect reduce the initial costs while maintaining the quality.

  ANDRES calls the process value engineering.

  The construction pros at ANDRES review every detail of the project, from site work and constructability, to materials and finishing touches and suggest alternatives that deliver more value.

  “ANDRES did a great job in the beginning and throughout the project of continuing to find cost-saving opportunities,” said Stuart, referring to the 31-story Legacy on the Lake apartment building on Austin’s Lady Bird Lake.

  “There are really too many [cost-saving stories] to mention,” he said. “They maintained a cost-saving attitude at all times.”

   “I have been blown away by the way ANDRES operates,” said Mick J. Rossley of the Crosland Group, which is developing the iLume mixed-use project on Cedar Springs.

  “They are so trustworthy,” he explained. “We are a relatively small development company and the ANDRES team held our hand more than a large construction firm could.”

  The iLume includes 316 apartments and 23,000 square feet of retail space in a five-story structure.

  “During the early planning stages of this project, we met on a weekly basis for six months,” Rossley said. “There was always at least one ANDRES representative there making sure we were designing something we could afford to build.”

  “We feel real fortunate to have had them involved.”

  Innovative value engineering can make all the difference in a project.

  The 36-story, 400,000-square-foot Republic Tower had been scheduled to be converted into apartments by Gables Residential for several years.

  After Gables reviewed construction proposals, the developer determined that the project could not be completed within budged.

  Eventually, ANDRES was asked to submit a new proposal for the job.

  “We took a different approach,” said Todd Hahn, ANDRES project manager, “in order to meet the client’s budget.”

  With the help of subcontractors and the Owner’s Representative, ANDRES construction pros came up with several creative solutions to save the client $2 million so that the project could move forward.
  “They just made the whole process seem effortless,” said Sean Harris of Gables Residential. “You can count on ANDRES to partner with you to achieve the best value for the project.”
  “ANDRES has a very comprehensive system that helped us analyze our costs as we moved through the pre-construction phase,” said Burt Derr, of Greystone Communities, developers of the Edgemere Senior Assisted Living Center in Dallas and Legacy at Willow Bend.
  “They provided us with the impact on construction timing, cost, and overall value we needed to make smart decisions.”