Repeat Clients

Wade Andres
Like most school-related projects, ANDRES worked under tight safety and scheduling constraints on all 21 projects completed for Hockaday.
Hamilton Properties
ANDRES is adapting an old warehouse into an Aloft Hotel. ANDRES has adapted the DP&L and Fidelity Union Building (The Mosaic) into apartments for Ted (left) and Larry Hamilton.
Since the hugely successful Edgemere, Greystone (represented by Burt Derr above) selected ANDRES to construct Edgemere Phase II, Mirador in Corpus Christi, and Stayton in Fort Worth.
Legacy Partners
ANDRES has completed three projects for Legacy Partners, including the 31-story Legacy on the Lake in Austin and The Venue, a mixed-use project in Richardson's Telecom Corridor.
University of Dallas
UD's Bob Galecke (left) and John Russell have long considered ANDRES an essential member of their team. The 13 projects include construction of the university's first new dorm in decades.
Cistercian Prep School
ANDRES has been the school's builder of choice since the construction of the Abbey Church. Warren ANDRES has become a trusted advisor to Fr. Peter Verhalen (above).
Gil Andres

Built In Quality

  Repeat clients mean one thing: satisfied clients who trust ANDRES to construct their projects.

  On schedule.

  On budget.


  How does ANDRES do it so consistently?

  “The ANDRES approach to a project,” said Ted Hamilton of Hamilton Properties, “is to look constantly for solutions, rather than pointing out problems and asking the architect to solve them.” (Hamilton Properties has selected ANDRES for three adaptive re-use projects in downtown Dallas.)

  “Problems are opportunities for us,” explained Wade Andres. “We pride ourselves on identifying them early.”

   By attacking problems early, ANDRES eliminates the source of most delays, cost overruns, and quality issues.

  ANDRES project managers work along side an officer of the company on each project.

  This system brings formidable levels of experience to bear on each project.  

  The client’s satisfaction remains, at all times, the number one priority.

  “ANDRES has the capabilities of a large firm,” said Gary Perkins, who is developing the 21-story 21 Rio in Austin, “without the bureaucracy of a large firm.”

   “What also impresses me about Andres,” said Jerry Merriman of Merriman Associates, “is that their preliminary estimates for the Mosaic (a large adaptive re-use project) were very close to the hard numbers they came back to us with once they had the complete drawings.”

  “It shows how accurate they can be very early in the process using preliminary drawings.

  ANDRES is a contractor who knows what they’re doing."

  “They give everyone involved in a project a lot of confidence,” he added.

  “I can’t emphasize enough how important that is,” he continued.

  Merriman served as the architect for 21 Rio and recommended that Perkins select ANDRES to construct it. Perkins agreed.

  “They did every thing they told me they were going to do,” Perkins said, “and spotted problems early. They provided excellent ideas on value engineering.”

   “I couldn’t be happier,” added Perkins.

   “Whether an idea comes from the owner, architect, Andres, or a combination, their attitude is the same,” said Richard Brownjohn of Legacy Partners. “ANDRES has a spirit of teamwork and that is really important since solving problems always requires a team effort.”

  “ANDRES is truly a team player,” said Marco De Palma of Greystone Senior Communities, which has selected ANDRES for three of their continuing care retirement centers in Texas."

  “They provide a seamless exchange of ideas among all the members of the team,” he explained.

  “They never say, ‘Look, this is your problem.’”