Hands-On Leaders

Wade Andres
Gil Andres
Warren Andres

"What stands out to me is that Wade ANDRES attends all the meetings. Talk about hands-on."

--Jerry Merriman, Merriman Associates/Architects
Referring to the Mosaic project.


  The ANDRES commitment to client satisfaction starts and stops with the firm's officers.

  An officer personally oversees each project to ensure on-time completion of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.

  This personalized approach to construction can be traced directly to Gil Andres, the firm’s patriarch, guiding light, and chairman.

  For Gil Andres, satisfying clients is really not all that mysterious. It simply requires listening to clients and responding to their specific needs.

  “I think our success is due to our very conscientious approach to helping people resolve their construction challenges,” said Andres, a 50-year veteran of the construction business.

  “These include:

  Early, accurate projections of probable costs and schedules for projects;

  Working with a client’s design team to make those projections happen; and

  Understanding owners’ needs and desires, in order to work within the context of the system to deliver results.”

  Wade Andres, Warren Andres, Wayne Wilson, and Tom Feather carry this philosophy through on each project. And the master is always there to lend his years of experience to every project.  

  The personalized service impresses architects and clients alike.

  “What stands out to me about Andres,” said architect Jerry Merriman in reference to Mosaic project in downtown Dallas, “is that Wade ANDRES was always there in all the meetings.

  “Talk about hands-on — here was the president of the construction company taking time to be very involved.”

  “ANDRES is a company that has great core values,” suggested Spencer Stuart, Jr. , senior managing director of Legacy Partners, a developer that has selected ANDRES for three projects and intends to select them for future projects.  

  “Their corporate culture sets them apart.”

  “Many contractors try to throw all the problems that arise into the owner’s lap,” he explained.

  “ANDRES – from the executives on down -- believe it is their job to solve problems.”

  “On a construction project,” he emphasized, “problem-solvers are the type of people you want to work with.”