Built In Quality

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Built In Quality

  The ANDRES commitment to quality starts at the first meetings with the owner and architect during the pre-construction phase.

  “Right from the beginning, ANDRES worked to simplify the design documents for Legacy at Willow Bend and to facilitate its construction,” remarked Marco De Palma, corporate vice president of development services for Greystone Senior Living Communities.

  “They came up with innovative techniques and approaches to streamline the construction of the architect’s plans,” he added.

  Architects, like Gary Pitts, AIA of Pitts Design Studio / BGO Architects, appreciate the way ANDRES applies its many years of construction experience in the early stages of project.

  “We like working with ANDRES because they provide value engineering solutions that improve the design and constructability of a project,” said Pitts, who has worked with ANDRES on the adaptive re-use DP&L Lofts project in downtown Dallas as well as new construction, including the mixed-use project iLume on Cedar Springs.

  Clients agree that ANDRES focuses on finding the best solutions, whether they come from the owner, client, or one of their construction pros.

  This team-based approach builds confidence between all parties; everyone feels assured the final product will measure up to expectations.

  Subcontractors play an important part in this approach. ANDRES has long-standing relationships with the very best subcontractors based of a tradition of excellent management, timely payment, and fair treatment.

  In 2004, ANDRES was recently honored with the award for Outstanding General Contractor from the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) North Texas Chapter.

  “This prestigious award signifies quality, superb safety standards, fairness, professionalism, and cooperation with the subcontractors and suppliers,” said Linda White of the ASA.

  “Just to be nominated indicates that the company is held in very high esteem by the contractor community.”

  “Their relationship with subcontractors,” said Richard Brownjohn of Legacy Partners, “and the fact that subs like to work with Andres, translates into competitive pricing, skilled workers, and quality workmanship.

  "That hard- earned relationship really benefits ANDRES clients.”

  Consistent, detail-oriented planning and monitoring of projects also plays a key role in building quality into every project.

  Recently, the company introduced a new way to ensure the highest level of quality control.

  “Tom Feather of ANDRES came up with a procedure that I had never seen before,” said Gary Perkins of Maxum Development that is building the 21-story 21 Rio in Austin.

  “ANDRES has a company regularly come in and shoot detailed progress photos of each room on each floor as it is being constructed,” he explained.

  “If an electrician puts in a box but it gets covered up by sheet rock,” Perkins said, “ANDRES can check the photos and see where the electric box was installed and uncover it.”
  “It also benefits me as the owner,” he added. “When I turn around and market the property at some point, I can hand them a CD with the building’s entire construction history on it, from the rebar inside the concrete to everything in the walls.”